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We are flexible in relation to your needs. We orient ourselves according to your requirements and look for the most suitable solution. Thanks to our experience, we will help you avoid inconveniences or application malfunctions and create a great background for the operation of your project, company or e-shop. Our work is planned, we report each step so you can see what you are paying for.

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< We will create a website for you that behaves like an application. Although the page is interactive and updated when an event occurs, all processes run on the server! Not in the client's browser like most applications written in React that take several long seconds to start. We use a solution like HotWire and PostgreSQL which acts as a <Message Broker>. >
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< We will create a BACKEND API SERVER that will provide data for your mobile app or web frontend. We can use REST API or GraphQL. We can also use websockets/subscriptions to send data to the client during an event on the server, so called PUSH. >
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< Is your website so special that no template can solve it? Then you've come to the right place! We will create everything for you from logo to design, including converting your unorthodox design into web form so that it will look 99% the same as the design ;). Then we will put it on the web. >
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< We have leased servers in a hosting center and set up for optimal operation where we can place your smaller websites. However, we can arrange the same for your web application, API server or special website. We can arrange a dedicated server rental with parameters suitable for your project. We will set up and secure everything! >
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< We are professional programmers. Thanks to many years of experience, we are not stopped by the difficulty of the assignment or the difficult implementation. We will realize the project for you! You don't have to look for experts, the customer won't have to wait and you will deliver the promised application under your own name. Win Win Win! >
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< Setting up a Linux server is a demanding and complex affair that takes many hours. We have already set up many of them for Internet use. We use Ansible scripts for this, which contain preset formulas from experts in the field. And they can be run on another server at any time, giving you redundancy in case of an emergency. >

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